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about iFit®

iFit Technology puts your life in motion through interactive fitness training. No matter what your fitness goal is, iFit will motivate you to accomplish the world. Get the ultimate fitness experience through workouts Powered by Google Maps™, personal fitness training programs and weekly competitions with friends and other iFit members. iFit connects you to a world that motivates you to accomplish your fitness goals.

Travel the world without taking a step out your front door. Workouts Powered by Google Maps™ deliver the world to your fingertips. You draw the map and iFit will take you there, no boarding pass required.

Push yourself to new limits with weekly competitions. Compete against the iFit community to shred minutes off your time, increase your endurance and add variety to your workout routine!

iFit® Betrieb

Using iFit®

Access your account anywhere, anytime with the iFit cloud.

Your statistics are available on any iFit compatible machine, Internet browser or your iOS mobile app. Maps you draw on your computer are automatically sent to your fitness machine. Your detailed workout stats are sent to your personal profile and are available for you to view at any time. The iFit cloud stores all your profile information including statistics and maps to access later with any iFit compatible device.

Track your iFit information anytime, anywhere with the iFit cloud!

iFit® Verlängerung

iFit® renewal subscription

If your membership is due to expire, be sure to extend it by another year or two with a subscription pack




If your NordicTrack treadmill, elliptical or bike has a built-in colour browser, purchase an iFit membership to immediately receive the benefits that come from training with iFit Technology today!

iFit® Serie

Alle Produkte mit integrierter iFit ® Technologie enthalten ein 1-jähriges Abonnement iFit.com.


If your NordicTrack treadmill, elliptical or bike has a backlit LCD display, you can purchase the iFit wireless module and subscription pack which contains everything you need to get up and running.

Kompatibel mit iFit®

Draw your own routes

Plot a route anywhere in the world and iFit will turn this into a workout programme for your fitness equipment.

View your statistics

Stay on top of your workout with feedback on all key workout statistics within reach.

Personalise your session

Get customised workouts from celebrity trainers to compliment the unique lifestyle and fitness goals that you have!