NordicTrack X7i

 The NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i Interactive is a revolutionary way to burn up to five times as many calories just by walking! Adjusting the incline by up to 40% not only greatly increases the calories you burn - as much as 5 x calories just by walking - but also helps protect your knees and hips as you travel at much lower speeds at extreme inclinations. Plus, you'll recruit more muscle targeting your hips, quads and glutes. And, to perfect your cadence and strengthen your legs for the downhill segments of your next marathon or 10K, the 6% decline adds variety and realistic training to your program. Integrated with an iFit ready 7" tablet powered by Android, the X7i Interactive recreates any trail in the world! You'll reach your weight-loss goals, improve your performance and time and train the right way with incline and decline!



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